The main purpose of this website is to contain my CV, which you can find here. Nothing too exciting to be expected here.

Academic stuff

I'm currently doing a master's degree in logic at the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam.

I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Edinburgh; my BSc project can be found here:
Sheaves on Topological Spaces and their Logic (as submitted for assessment),
and it was supervised by Tom Leinster.

During the summer of 2017, I did a research project in quantum logic and set theory, the outcomes of which are the report
The Category of Hilbert Spaces as an Orthogonal Category,
as well as a series of blog posts explaining quantum logic: This project was supervised by Chris Heunen.


Occasionally, I write for the sake of writing (and thinking). Some of the outcomes of this peculiar process can be found here:

My essay was published in the second issue of the University of Edinburgh Philosophy Society Journal:
Statistical Hypothesis Testing in the Context of Hume’s Critique of Induction.

Other projects

The Indispensables Co.

Things I follow or recommend

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